#ProjectPoetry round 6

Previous poem – Greenlydia That homes can be moved We pack up and go Finding new spaces Flip the coin New adventures and places await Fields as gardens and forests and lakes The sun and the rain The world we’ll stain With wonderlust and happy hearts Next poem – Flat White Concepts


So yesterday wasn’t ALL bad, we had a little swimming fun at the farm, well the boys did while I sat painting. And we got to cut open what we dubbed a “pumpkermelon” which was hilarious (it’s a watermelon that cross pollinated with a pumpkin!)

woah buddy!

I just watched the minion unlock and open the backdoor all by himself. This just points out how much and how quickly he’s grown because when we moved in here he couldn’t even walk yet! He’s five now, FIVE, I am mom to a freaking five year old. When exactly did that happen?! I still […]

#ProjectPoetry round 5

Previous poem – Flat White Concepts Covered by a mysterious cloud these eyes that no longer see the world as they once did The pale faces they stare through the bars they put up and claim we are free I stare back through the cloud looking past this place the pointing fingers and indoctrination Lay my head […]


you should try out @N2iceCreamLab

Have you been to the N2iceCreamLab in Parklands yet? You should try it out if you haven’t. They have this whole different way of making ice cream where they actually freeze it with liquid Nitrogen and because the ice crystals are so much smaller than when you freeze it normally the ice cream it produces […]