chapter 27

you can read chapter 26 here with greenlydia     I won’t say I’ve become the master of this walking thing just yet, we really do take simple things for granted, but I can officially get myself to the bathroom and down to the cafeteria all on my own, the latter which of course had […]

don’t ever use Auto Works! *vent post*

I’m sure you remember my car woes last year when my head gasket blew and I got slapped with an eighteen thousand rand bill to pay off (which I am still paying off) but get this, the company – AUTO WORKS – should have told me then already that my engine is corroded and that […]


chapter 25

Read chapter 24 with greenlydia I skim through all my emails mostly keeping an eye out for anything from Iris, there are a few and each more frantic than the next. I hate that I made so many people worry and I hope that my email has reached her before she hit total breaking point. […]


chapter 23

Read chapter 22 with greenlydia Urgh, I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus, everything hurts. I try open my eyes but they simply won’t budge, everything feels heavy and foggy. I’m going back to sleep. *** There’s something in my throat, why is there something in my throat, I cough and raise my […]


chapter 21

Read chapter 20 with greenlydia   I’ve been staring at a blank page for half an hour now, I think I’ve lost my drawing mojo, usually it comes so naturally and I catch myself doodling on anything and everything I can find but today, today is not that kind of day. I sigh and put […]

zombie status

I feel terribly lost today. Rather mindless and empty, struggling to keep my eyes open. I have no idea why, I should be excited seeing as I fly up really early to jozi tomorrow morning for the #FordGoFurther exclusive media event where I get to see the 2015 Ford Mustang (sexy beast), chat to the vice […]