Let it go – autism version

So a girl who was diagnosed in her later years decided to re-write the lyrics to the hit song “let it go” from Frozen and I want to hug her, she’s hit the nail on the head and I have a small feeling that this will work for anyone with a mental health issue not just […]

Rimmel’s White Hot Love

I’ve never been a huge fan of white nails, I’m not really sure why, maybe they remind me of typex or they just seem a little pretentious, whatever the reason I’ve never sported them. Until now anyway. I bought Rimmel’s White Hot Love for the #bwb nailed it challenge a few months back but haven’t […]

#ProjectPoetry round 2

Previous poem – Flat White Concepts With nothing to do and nowhere to go I find myself sitting in a small clouds shadow I look up to see a sky full of sheep gamboling freely in the wind shepherds keep Where have they come from and where do they go what tales can they tell […]

Sasko Flour helps you bake!

When I say Sasko what comes to mind? Baking right? Well that’s what I think of anyway, that lovely Sasko flour that can magically transform into delectable brownies or scrumptious biscuits when you add the right ingredients to it. Mmm… now I want cake! So why am I making you crave delicious treats? Because Sasko […]


Since we wrote a book (WE WROTE A BOOK!) the writing bug has bit and while we’re working on book 2 we’ve decided to start a new little collaboration between four bloggers this time: #ProjectPoetry The plan: 4 pieces a week. In each poem a random sentence is highlighted and that will become the first […]

when SM friends become RL friends!

When I was up in Pretoria we realised that the gorgeous @hir_or_their lives just around the corner (in jozi terms) from where we were staying at The Person’s mom’s place so we decided that this time while I was that side of the world we’d make a plan to meet up – because when I […]

Cape town to Pretoria and back again

Last week we took the Shosholoza Meyl to Pretoria, at first I was very nervous about travelling 29 hours with a 5 year old but my nerves were for nothing, considering the time we spent in a small confined space he was actually rather well behaved. We had a cabin all to ourselves, it was […]