when SM friends become RL friends!

When I was up in Pretoria we realised that the gorgeous @hir_or_their lives just around the corner (in jozi terms) from where we were staying at The Person’s mom’s place so we decided that this time while I was that side of the world we’d make a plan to meet up – because when I […]

Cape town to Pretoria and back again

Last week we took the Shosholoza Meyl to Pretoria, at first I was very nervous about travelling 29 hours with a 5 year old but my nerves were for nothing, considering the time we spent in a small confined space he was actually rather well behaved. We had a cabin all to ourselves, it was […]


chapter 39

read chapter 38 here with greenlydia   I roll over and groan, I feel horrible, like I have a bad hangover or something of the sort but I haven’t been drinking which leaves the dreaded flu creeping in as an explanation. Or perhaps it’s from all the crying last week and it’s catching up to […]

run baby run

Yesterday Fysh and I went for a “run” at the beach, we ran from the second parking lot up to the blouberg wall and then back again (2.55km) at an easy pace of 9.44min/km which to me isn’t bad considering I had him with. The only problem though was that once we got to the […]

blue hair don’t care

So Fysh came to ask me if he could colour his hair blue, now he’s been asking this for a while and I keep brushing it off. He has this thing about being the only blonde, he used to love it when I was blonde but now that I have dark hair he doesn’t want […]