there’s no school or work tomorrow…

We’ve had one of those really relaxed and lazy summer Sunday’s. Fysh and I slept in this morning, if you can count 7am as sleeping in, then watched a few cartoons (I really need to get more dvd’s) bathed and showered, played with Joonbug a bit then headed on over to my mum as I […]

saturday showcase – pimp your biscuit

So there’s this secret little place at the V&A Waterfront that needs to not be so secret anymore, it’s called Pimp your biscuit! It’s a fantastic activity station at the V&A Waterfront’s “new” Market on the Wharf where children can enjoy all the creativity of making and decorating their own delicious biscuits without mom and […]

because I’m awesome like that

So this momma got creative yesterday and decided that it would be a good idea to bake heart shaped biscuits to send with Fysh to school. Cause I’m the super cool mom you know, the one that other moms love to hate cause I do thoughtful things like send each kid (and teacher) a little […]

from hogsmead with love…

It’s that wonderful hallmark holiday today, you know the one – it’s that one that rubs it in your face that you’re single and have to buy your own flowers. Not that I want flowers seeing as they keel over after a few days anyway but you get the point. And on that note… I […]