Sasko Flour helps you bake!

When I say Sasko what comes to mind? Baking right? Well that’s what I think of anyway, that lovely Sasko flour that can magically transform into delectable brownies or scrumptious biscuits when you add the right ingredients to it. Mmm… now I want cake! So why am I making you crave delicious treats? Because Sasko […]

Tales of a lemon tree

I have this lemon tree in my yard, she a petite little thing but fierce and protective of her fruits, she always comes off better when going up against her and her thorny armour. But don’t let looks fool you, she’s strong and a real survivor with the sweetest fruits. Every year she gets neglected […]

wheat free vegan cupcakes – banana and peanutbutter

We were invited to a vintage themed farewell for one of The Person’s friends and I suggested we take cupcakes (cause momma taught me never to show up empty handed) and he mentioned that she is wheat intolerant so I decided hell, let’s bake some wheat free vegan cupcakes… For the cake you’ll need: • […]

best vegan cake

Decided to try make my favourite cake/cupcake recipe a vegan one and what a success!!! It came out a little heavier than the original recipe but it went down really well with everyone and it works perfectly for both a cake and for cupcakes. Not gluten free but I’m sure you could make it one […]


there’s no school or work tomorrow…

We’ve had one of those really relaxed and lazy summer Sunday’s. Fysh and I slept in this morning, if you can count 7am as sleeping in, then watched a few cartoons (I really need to get more dvd’s) bathed and showered, played with Joonbug a bit then headed on over to my mum as I […]

saturday showcase – pimp your biscuit

So there’s this secret little place at the V&A Waterfront that needs to not be so secret anymore, it’s called Pimp your biscuit! It’s a fantastic activity station at the V&A Waterfront’s “new” Market on the Wharf where children can enjoy all the creativity of making and decorating their own delicious biscuits without mom and […]