There’s a pipe!

Human rights day mostly means a reason to sleep in and call it a long weekend, not pc but true. But what does this chop do? She rallies up a few people crazy enough to get their asses out of bed before the birds and goes to climb a bloody mountain. Well no, no mountain […]

no more meds

day one done. only the rest of my life to go…

I had to stop taking my meds end last year as with not working full time I simply cannot afford the costs (being sane comes with one hell of a price – a monthly R2000 price tag actually) anymore. It’s tough, hell I think that tough is an understatement. It’s literally like being strapped into […]

Pain, hurt, masochism…

The other day I decided it was time to stop making excuses, dig out my uber bright nikes and GO RUN. Well i’ve been keeping up with it and am pretty damn impressed and proud of myself! So I’m only doing 2km a day (thats a straight, no break 2km!) but it’s a start. Tonight […]

a morning on the run

I ran 10km today while pushing a pram with a screaming, molar teething toddler who has post nasal drip and sinus in it… I’ll wait for you to stop laughing. Have you stopped yet? Okay that’s enough now seriously… Can’t believe I made it! A whole 10km in one go with him! I run in […]