do blondes have more fun?

So originally I planned on colouring my hair pink, cotton candy pink. I went and got the colour, bought the peroxides and all that and got as far as bleaching my hair. When changing from one colour to the next I tend to like starting from a blank canvas, not really something I’ve done in […]

last day blues

  Ever seen those old westerns where they tie the limbs of someone to four different horses then get said equine to run off in different directions? I feel like that’s being done to me today. I’m having a bad parenting day, not in the sense that Fysh is being difficult but in the sense […]

saturday showcase – pimp your biscuit

So there’s this secret little place at the V&A Waterfront that needs to not be so secret anymore, it’s called Pimp your biscuit! It’s a fantastic activity station at the V&A Waterfront’s “new” Market on the Wharf where children can enjoy all the creativity of making and decorating their own delicious biscuits without mom and […]


Sitting here in the office, looking out over Cape Town as the sun tries so hard to break it’s way through the grumpy clouds reminds me of my days in Germany and has me all nostalgic for my time there. Not so much for the work I did or even the people. Just the quiet […]

book consumption for August/September

So the last reading list update I did was for July I think, wait… let me check. Yup there it is – July. Shocking I know! Well August saw me start at Amazon and then only in September did I get permission to bring my kindle to work but my manager sees me on it […]


Wahoooo! I’m still here, still alive! Well still breathing at least… I am so ridiculously behind on writing reviews, blog posts etc I want to hide in a corner and pretend they aren’t all glaring at me. Month end I leave Amazon. *cries* Off to a new job with “normal” hours which means I’ll have […]

belated birthday vibes

To everyone who gave Fysh a voucher for his birthday – THANK YOU! I finally got round to taking him “shopping” yesterday and Mr opted to replace the bike that was stolen earlier the year (Needless to say, this one will be living INSIDE unless in use) instead of the leap pad we’d originally decided […]