ADHD is like YouTube on crack

I have come to realise that YouTube is a lot like my brain and thus is the best way to explain to people what being me is like, kinda. How so? Well you know that joke about the “oh look, a bunny…” that’s me. This morning The Blessed Barranness tweeted about Belgian waffles for my […]

#nofilterday – are you brave enough?

Recently The Blessed Barranness posted on twitter what a glimpse at her instagram reveals about her and then of course the comments that were made RE it. Her comment – What my instagram reveals about me: I’m a wine drinking, polishaholic, arachnaphobic, proud mama who has a thing for tattoos! When you look at my […]

I love you more in Filipi

You know how a kid often calls you nonstop? “MOM, MOM, MOOOOOOOOM, MOMMY, MOM!!!” Even if you’re standing right next to them?! Yeah my kid does that and I get that annoying “WHAT?!” pretty quickly which he somehow always knows how to diffuse with “I love you mom” then walks away. < I mean how […]

a colourful giveaway – closed

I’m sure that by now all the Capetonian’s are aware of the various colour festivals gracing us this month. Apparently last weekend was the Holi fest (which is weird cause I’m pretty sure I attended that in March, but anyway) and I know a few friends went and got their colour on. This weekend it’s […]