a colourful giveaway – closed

I’m sure that by now all the Capetonian’s are aware of the various colour festivals gracing us this month. Apparently last weekend was the Holi fest (which is weird cause I’m pretty sure I attended that in March, but anyway) and I know a few friends went and got their colour on. This weekend it’s […]

get the fuck over him (or her)

No no I’m not going through a break-up, that would mean I was dating someone and we all know that’s not happening. For some reason I’ve been finding some really excellent “get over him” sort of songs the past two days (must be because I’ve been listening to so much country music) so I decided […]

who stopped the clock?!

Today is DRAGGING?! I’m serious. I keep staring at the clock thinking move faster you effing bastard… At one point I got excited thinking “it must be lunchtime already”… It was 09:30. *unimpressed face* There is absolutely no reason for today to drag as it is. I have nothing to look forward to after work […]

book giveaway! – closed

Best way to start a Monday? With a giveaway of course! Even better way to start a Monday? With a BOOK giveaway from Penguin Books South Africa! Arclight – Josin McQuein No one crosses the wall of light . . . except for one girl who doesn’t remember who she is, where she came from, […]

when deals aren’t so special

So yesterday mom sent me the link to this Wicount deal: Cartoon learning tablet for your kids asking if I’d think Fysh would want it for xmas. Now tell me something, when you see that what do you think? For that price (even the discounted price) and that write up you’d expect something similar (albeit more […]

pick your favorite book

I was recently asked to write a piece on my favorite book in a job application, kind of hard to ask this of someone who has read 156 books this year alone. In my opinion it’s a bit unfair actually really, I think that picking out a favorite book would be like trying to choose your […]