decisions decisions…

I’m having one of those “first world problems” moments… So my phone contract is finally due for an upgrade, considering I haven’t had a phone since September last year… I have my tab so never thought to go out and get one, rather just wait till my contract upgrades. And now that upgrade day is […]

life in 3D

My little brother turned all of 12 today! Decided that seeing as his birthday lands on a Friday I’d keep him from school and take him to the movies instead (don’t worry, I cleared it with my mom first). Had tickets I got from Numetro a while back so we missioned through to the waterfront […]

spontaneous roadtrips

But you have to say it like that penguin on happy feet: SPON-TAN-U-US hahahaha, love that lil guy… Got all dressed up and ready to drop Fysh off at school and go for a run on the beach when I got an email from Captain Shamus saying that due to the bus strikes he’s stranded […]

Pêpa – giveaway

Monday’s have definitely become giveaway day here! Loving it, what better way to start a week than to give away something awesome?! Particularly something local and even more so something handmade! This week it’s something for the moms with girls, or the aunts with nieces or even grand-moms with granddaughters… Pêpa offers clothes of exceptional individuality as nothing […]

not all those who wander are lost

wanderlust [ˈwɒndəˌlʌst] noun: a great desire to travel and rove about [German, literally: wander desire] Cape Town, Saldanha, Vredenburg, George, Lady Smith, Krugersdorp, Muldersdrift, Paarl, Bachham, Luderitzbucht, Walvisbaai… places I’ve lived since I was born. Born in Cape Town while we were living in Saldanha (yes I’m a weskus meisie) then it was off to add […]