I never really understood why my Mom ventures off on her hikes every other weekend or why she goes on those week-long hiking trips once or twice a year. I love going hiking with friends but seeing as I take my son with me when I do it just never made sense why she would […]

review: what hidden lies

When Detective Persephone (Persy) Jonas is forced to work with retired criminal psychologist Dr Marge Labuschagne to solve the murder of a suspected sex offender, suspicion and distrust threaten to derail the investigation. Persy believes the killer is her childhood sweetheart, now turned vicious gangster; Marge is sure the answer lies in the victim’s shady […]

hi ho silver AWAY!

This morning I woke up before the sun and headed through to the waterfront for Disney’s annual content showcase. It was strange going representing SA Kids on the Go, for one thing my real name was on my name badge… that never happens haha. My alter ego the cupcakemummy is usually in attendance when it […]

A – Z of the Ranger Odyssey

Though each day has it’s own post I did this once before for our Cape Town to Richards bay roadtrip and decided that this journey needed it as well… so here’s a summary of the Lusaka – Maun leg of the Ranger Odyssey for you while I work on the actual posts for it :) […]

Roadtrip playlist

The Odyssey found me sitting in 3 different Rangers with 3 sets of very different people and yet there was one thing that all of them/us had in common: music. The moment we got in to the Ranger with Shane and Koos on the last day of our Odyssey leg Shane prompted for us to […]