so, I’m an employee now…

I signed a contract with Amazon today. Yes, FINALLY. It was originally supposed to be for 3 months but happy to report that it’s a 5 month contract so technically I am an Amazon employee until the 31st of December this year (unless they think I’m all kinds of awesome and make me permanent of […]

Pity party for one, your table is ready

I has a bug… A nasty bug that’s crawled on up into me and given me the sick Woke up yesterday feeling nauseous thinking that maybe it was just something I ate but then mum mentioned she also wasn’t feeling lekker but the rest of the family was fine so we decided that perhaps when […]


I never really understood why my Mom ventures off on her hikes every other weekend or why she goes on those week-long hiking trips once or twice a year. I love going hiking with friends but seeing as I take my son with me when I do it just never made sense why she would […]

review: what hidden lies

When Detective Persephone (Persy) Jonas is forced to work with retired criminal psychologist Dr Marge Labuschagne to solve the murder of a suspected sex offender, suspicion and distrust threaten to derail the investigation. Persy believes the killer is her childhood sweetheart, now turned vicious gangster; Marge is sure the answer lies in the victim’s shady […]