public holidays and indoor picnics

Public holidays are fantastic, midweek public holidays are even better! And what makes this one the best of the best is all my debit orders went off today and for the first time in a while none of them bounced! Damn I love birthdays, think I can have another this month? hahaha We originally planned […]

my 9130th sunset

I decided to celebrate my last day as a 24 year old by watching the sunset. On top of Lions head. With a picnic of cupcakes and bubbly… Huge thank you to @Tash_Wen who did the hike with me! We sat about half way up, didn’t want to go all the way to the top […]

your butt looks great in those jeans, can i help take them off?

Aren’t we just the strangest and most confusing creatures on this planet… We crave attention, recognition and admiration but have you ever noticed that when you get it you shy it off and point out a fault instead? When someone says to you “I love your shirt” most of us will say “what? This old […]

now what? where to from here?

Last year right after buying my new car shit hit the fan. I got retrenched from work, the other started costing me money to work at so I left it. How the hell I have survived the past 9 months I am still not really sure. Somehow I have. And things slowly started looking better, […]