Roadtrip playlist

The Odyssey found me sitting in 3 different Rangers with 3 sets of very different people and yet there was one thing that all of them/us had in common: music. The moment we got in to the Ranger with Shane and Koos on the last day of our Odyssey leg Shane prompted for us to […]

Lusaka – Chobe National Park

It’s officially day one of our Odyssey journey, well technically so anyway (they fetched us to join up with the crew and contestants this morning). The original plan was to drive from Lusaka to Livingstone and camp there for the night but we arrived with time to spare so pushed through to cross the Zambezi […]

Mulishani from Zambia!

So for starters let me just give you a little heads up: if you’re travelling to Zambia you need to have a yellow fever vaccination, seriously because they won’t let you check in to your flight unless you have that little document – learnt this the hard way… i.e. I stood in the hour long […]

going on a roadtrip

A serious one, no mini cross country roadtrips… this time it’s a cross counties (yes as in plural) roadtrip! I was asked to join the Pemba to Harare leg of the Ford Ranger Odyssey, a week of roughing it in Africa? Seriously?! How could I say no to that?! So I didn’t, instead I think […]

Review – Despicable Me 2

Thanks to @mydarkestdiary Fysh and I were treated to tickets to see the media screening of Despicable Me 2 (in 3D) on Tuesday evening which starts at cinema’s tomorrow. The first film ended with reformed Russian supervillain Gru settling down with his trio of adopted daughters. In the sequel he’s still trying to go straight, […]

suck and sweet time

So my ego took a little hit this morning, okay I lie. It took a HUGE fucking hit this morning. I went to a job interview at Discovery Medical for a pre auth position, I did the initial interview at the recruitment agency on Monday but decided not to post anything until I knew what […]

ba nana nana na na POTATO O O !

If you haven’t seen the advert/song by now then you’ve been living under a rock because I don’t own a TV and even I’ve seen it… The minions are my favourite, LOVE THEM! Am pretty sure they’re the only reason I love watching Despicable me so much, okay not the only reason but you catch […]