swim little bird swim!

Despite being on the late shift (it’s not quite night shift seeing as it ends at 11pm) and getting home after midnight so only crashing around 1am my body clearly does not care because I was still up and at em at 6am… yeah, I have a feeling this is going to catch up on […]

curiosity saves a little $ sometimes

There’s something to be said about independence and a willingness to learn… like saving a few hundred rand by learning how to change your cars headlights all by yourself! This morning I dragged Shamus out into the cold and unforgiving morning to show me how to change the Tata’s healights seeing as for the past […]

party party party PARTY!

I have no idea why I try and theme Fysh’s parties every year, no matter how good my intentions are I just never get the décor and shit right. This year he wanted a Harry Potter party and I had it all planned out, had the sweets sorted (thanks mom) had things to make wands […]

pink is my favourite crayon

Aaaaand to celebrate my first day of work tomorrow my hair is now pink. A new chapter in our life deserves a new colour right? Well it’s supposed to be pink anyway, hot hot pink to be exact (and it glows under black light!) but I think it came out more a purple. I thought […]

reading list – July

Last month I decided to list all the books I’d read that month and I’ve decided to make it a “tradition” of sorts so here are the books I read this month (in order, the highlighted ones are the ones that really stood out – the ones I’d suggest without second thought): and as of […]