chapter 15

read chapter 14 over on greenlydia   The weather is colder today than it has been lately, apparently there’s snow on the mountains at the moment which would account for the bite in the air, so I bundle up warm and don one of the many beanies hanging at my front door. I always found it fascinating […]


chapter 13

Read chapter 12 here – greenlydia   I sigh as I light candles around the house. Power outage. Great, because drawing in the dark is so easy. I feel like such a failure, perhaps defeated is a better description. I feel defeated. Just when I think things are finally going my way shit like this […]


chapter 11

You can read chapter 10 here – greenlydia I ‘m not getting out of bed today. My toes are cold, my nose is snotty and I feel about as happy as that depressed duck I’ve been working on the past few days. I don’t like today, I’m going to back to sleep. I’ll try this […]

stars and stripes

The last #BWB breakfast (which I sadly had to miss out on as I was sick) was themed stars and stripes so we were challenged to do nail art themed with the iconic red, white and blue. I am might be artistic but nails are so not my forte unless it’s a single colour application […]


chapter 9

I’ve been pacing around my apartment and biting my nails for the past week, I still haven’t heard back from the author and I’m really worried she thinks my drawings are crap and just doesn’t know how to let me know in a nice manner. Maybe she doesn’t check her mail often or it went […]

apples, life and indie authors

I had a spot of bad luck again on Friday, on The Person’s birthday no less. My phone was stolen. Yup, my pretty much brand new LG G2 that I won a few months back is now someone else’s. I guess they need it more than I do or something like that. Oddly enough even […]