chapter 37

read chapter 36 here with greenlydia I wake up slowly, stretch lightly and try roll onto my side but I’m pinned down by Michaels arm slung over my chest. I smile and feel all giddy inside, after all this time the thought that we’re together still excites me, this man makes me happy. I lay watching […]

the #bwb take over @DermalogicaSA

Today , thanks to the #bwb, I did something I’ve never done before and probably would never have done if Heather hadn’t arranged it. We went to the Dermalogica headquarters in Wembley Square for a facemapping! What is a facemapping you ask? (don’t worry, I also had no idea) they map out the different areas of […]

photo 1

ink and ice creams

I went for some more ink today. Oh that feeling you get when you hear that buzz… I think it’s only something ink addicts would understand though. We added onto my sleeve, one of these day’s it will be done and it will be a beautiful masterpiece with no flesh left uninked. It’s going to […]


chapter 35

Read chapter 34 here with greenlydia   There’s a mail from Iris in my inbox, I saw it there when I logged on this morning but something stopped me from opening it, I know I told her I want to know everything but I have a strong feeling that that email is going to turn […]


chapter 33

Read chapter 32 here with greenlydia It’s been raining all week and I’ve been moping around inside seeing as these casts stop me from running around in the rain, I may not like it but at least I got a whole lot of work done. But the sun is out today and I got a message […]

there is no such thing as a fish

I’m really new to this podcast thing, behind the times I know, but The Person played one or two for me when we went on our little Hermanus getaway and being bored today I decided to download a podcast downloader thingy and search for the ones he played for me and I’ve now got ALL […]

frogs in water

It’s the first Friday night in a few months that The Person isn’t around, he’s off on the other side of the country for a few weeks, and i’m feeling lost. I didn’t put two and two together till now though but hey, there you have it. Over the past several months I have grown so […]