It’s sometimes hard for me to justify to myself that weekends or just time in general away from fysh are good for us both, always feel a tad guilty but the best part about coming home after a weekend away from the minion is all the random hugs and kisses and “I missed you’s”. Every […]


side effect (noun) 1. any effect of a drug, chemical, or other medicine that is in addition to its intended effect, especially an effect that is harmful or unpleasant. 2. any accompanying or consequential and usually detrimental effect. You know about my numerous diagnoses and I try make light of them, I often joke about the “pharmacy […]

kid free weekend!

Yeah yeah I probably shouldn’t be as excited about this as I am but aaaaah a kid free weekend! Friday: The Fyshness is staying with his Aunty Panda while The Person and I get to attend the Good Food and Wine show as Media (yay us!) which means we’ll get to sit in on the […]

26 before 27

Keeping up with traditions here is this year’s “bucket list” (a month late). Last year I managed to tick off 19 out of 25 which I think is pretty damn awesome. Here’s aiming to tick off ALL 26 for this year. 1. Do something “extreme” 2. Go camping at least 5 times 3. Travel somewhere […]

you’ll need a tissue

A few years back I tutored this little brat who used to try and bribe me to do his homework, one who wasn’t doing great in the school je was i, a kid I found who learns better by doing and expiriments than by sitting in a stuffy room. This “kid” has grown up since […]

just a kak month not a kak life

This month has been one of those extra tough ones, the kind where you’re left with R6 in your account and you burst into tears when your kid asks you for a sandwich cause there’s no bread in the house and no money to go out and get any. I burst in to tears yesterday […]

as of yet untitled

Today has been a good and productive one despite being awake since 12am. This morning I wrote the storyline for the book I’m busy with. It had deviated from my original layout and a published author who is my ultimate idol is helping me through the process *faints* and we both agreed that it’s great […]