happy vegan

Today was one of the most easy days in a while seeing as Fysh has been ridiculously ill this week and with juggling two jobs, the month end stuffs AND him not being at school it’s been tough but this morning he was dropped off at school and granny said she’d fetch him in the […]


I’m not a bad blogger I swear. Wait, I guess a swearing blogger ain’t exactly good either but you know what I mean right?! This assimilating to two jobs has been tough, not that I haven’t done it before just that I’ve usually had them so that they follow up on each other whereas I’m […]

sick minions and pretty packages

i got a call from the school instructing me to fetch the minion as he’s sickies (wet cough and a slight fever) and am thankful that the job/s i have now are the kind where it’s okay for me to leave and go fetch him. after stopping at clicks for his “get well” goodies i […]

shine bright little light

No, sadly my absence is not because I’ve been swept off my feet by prince charming and his limitless health, wealth and love or kidnapped by Russian mafia because it turns out I’m some long lost royalty and neither the BAU nor the NCIS have recruited me to work for them. Although the last two […]

fat to fit – week 5

We pretty much lived in the pool this weekend thanks to the mini heat wave cape town is suffering at the moment but that’s nothing out of the ordinary for Fysh, he’s always in the pool regardless of the weather, I on the other hand haven’t been in the pool for almost 2 years now […]

happy hearts day

I’m not the biggest fan of today but not because”I don’t have someone” more because I dislike how these holidays are exploited so the rich get richer and everyone is guilt tripped and brain washed into purchasing cheesy bears, confectionaries and overpriced flowers. To me you shouldn’t show you care only once a year or […]