chapter 9

I’ve been pacing around my apartment and biting my nails for the past week, I still haven’t heard back from the author and I’m really worried she thinks my drawings are crap and just doesn’t know how to let me know in a nice manner. Maybe she doesn’t check her mail often or it went […]

apples, life and indie authors

I had a spot of bad luck again on Friday, on The Person’s birthday no less. My phone was stolen. Yup, my pretty much brand new LG G2 that I won a few months back is now someone else’s. I guess they need it more than I do or something like that. Oddly enough even […]


chapter 5

read chapter 4 here – greenlydia   The past two weeks have been fantastic, the fog has lifted and I’m riding the high. I’ve painted out my lounge, unpacked boxes that have been standing around since I moved in last year and planted a whole bunch of herbs in my rooftop “garden”. I think my […]


chapter 1

Quick lowdown on what’s about to happen here: myself and greenlydia have decided to have a little fun and write a short story together that we’re going to share it with you. We’re going to wing it and blog hop it – each of us has to write 2 posts a week with a minimum of […]

48 years ago today…

Today 48 years ago today one of the strongest souls I have met was born. She is an idol and my hero and I aspire to be like her on a daily basis. She’s the soul who survived a colic firstborn and still saw the courage to have more kids and then went on to […]