zombie status

I feel terribly lost today. Rather mindless and empty, struggling to keep my eyes open. I have no idea why, I should be excited seeing as I fly up really early to jozi tomorrow morning for the #FordGoFurther exclusive media event where I get to see the 2015 Ford Mustang (sexy beast), chat to the vice […]


chapter 19

read chapter 18 with greenlydia   It’s deadline day and I’m full of nervous energy, Iris sent me a mail letting me know that she approves and even likes the illustrations but now they have to go through her publisher. This is the biggest project I’ve ever worked on and my nerves are shot. I […]


chapter 17

Read chapter 16 with greenlydia   To: Iris From: Winter Attached: revised – feathers and fur RE: Oops, wine Agreed, there should be a lock application on all forms of communications that doesn’t let you on when you’re intoxicated. Bad combination, sorry for the rambling tipsy email but glad I wasn’t the only one. Thank […]


chapter 15

read chapter 14 over on greenlydia   The weather is colder today than it has been lately, apparently there’s snow on the mountains at the moment which would account for the bite in the air, so I bundle up warm and don one of the many beanies hanging at my front door. I always found it fascinating […]


chapter 13

Read chapter 12 here – greenlydia   I sigh as I light candles around the house. Power outage. Great, because drawing in the dark is so easy. I feel like such a failure, perhaps defeated is a better description. I feel defeated. Just when I think things are finally going my way shit like this […]