GoldenFish Review

The Goldenfish in Table View is a relatively new sushi venue that opened up late last year taking over the Mama Roma premises. With a half view of the ocean, depending on where you sit, and a full view of your sushi chefs the location is perfect. Though not wheelchair or pram friendly lest you have a strong individual to help you. But it is child friendly and if you go during the day the staff are generally happy to chase around and entertain your toddler (lest they are destructive or prone to violent tantrums).

Anytime you find yourself craving sushi until your stomach pops this is the place to visit. With a daily R109 buffet and not limit as to how long you may sit there (though you may not leave and come back) you can gobble up as much fishy goodness as your stomach capacity will allow.

We arrived somewhat early (as they were opening) and as a result were allowed to put in requests to the very friendly (though camera shy) staff.  Who were very happy to obey, though i did have to beg and plead a little for them to whip out the prawns as they were on a salmon mission. My partner in crime being all to happy about this as she consumed one salmon rose after the other.

What’s also great is that if you aren’t much of a sushi fan but do have a sushi loving partner you are able to request non fishy sushi (made up of vegetables, cream cheese etc…)

The seating and layout of the restraunt is nicely set out, you have your evening dining section that can cater for booking little larger parties, your cordined off bar and smoking section for those nicotene lovers who simply can’t sit through a meal without their dose (can you tell i’m not a fan?) , the veranda, perfect for the warmer afternoons as the windows open up to let in the fresh sea breeze, and then of course you have the best spot in the house, right up around the conveyer belt.

I won’t say it’s the best sushi around, being trained by a korean chef I have come to know a thing or two but they are definitely high up on my recommendations list. They are certainly creative when it comes to their options, one of the more interesting ones that caught my attention was the peanutbutter tuna… yes, i also scrunched up my nose a little, and i am sure many won’t think that peanutbutter belongs on fish but i suggest that if you’re up for something deliciously different then go for it.

ALL PHOTOS COURTESY OF ME (Red dot Photography)

and remains my property

so please don’t steal them, rather just ask :)


5 thoughts on “GoldenFish Review

  1. There is just one problem with Golden Fish (besides the fact that I keep confusing them with Golden Dish).
    Their chairs are really tiny- gets interesting for certain big men I know, they have to sit in the booths.

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