Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach out in Simon’s Town is another one of those gorgeous attractions that the cape has to offer that is mostly catered for the tourists. Heading onto the actual beach is a rather nominal fee, and though I know (well I hope) the money goes to the nature reserve and the keep of the penguins, it’s a little steep, especially if you have a large family.

When you arrive, be warned, the smell that assaults your nostrils is overwhelming. Being a nature reserve they keep the area as natural to the penguin’s habitat as possible which means no littering but it also means they leave the penguin poop… and the smell, especially when the wind is blowing, can be somewhat off putting. Although after a few minutes you do become accustomed to it.

The great thing is that if you are really keen on seeing the penguins there is a “penguin walk” that you can do which I found fantastic when you have a toddler as there is a fence between you and the penguins, it’s not a high fence and you can easily lean over it but at least you don’t have to worry about your little ones chasing the little waddlers and vice versa.

There are two entrances to the walk, at the main boulders beach and then another at the swimming area. Yes there is a stunning beach where you and the kids (also for a fee) can go swim, and if you’re lucky enough you may even be joined alongside by a show off little penguin. I would suggest parking at the main entrance; doing the walk and then perhaps eating at the lovely boulders beach café/restaurant before doing the walk back to the car again as the route done in one go is not very entertaining for the little ones.

And remember to always check under your car for stowaways before you leave…


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