celebrating women’s day with a giveaway!

All of us, no matter how big or how small, whether male or female — we all owe our lives to a woman

What better way to celebrate Women’s day than with a give away?!

I don’t know one mom who doesn’t need and deserve time off every so often and what better way to do so than to sit with a loved one – or even alone – and enjoy a nice bottle of Thelema Cabernet Sauvignon 2006.

And this is where vineculture comes into play! They have graciously offered one of my readers a bottle of Thelma Cabernet Sauvignon 2006!!! Now I don’t know much about wine but in my opinion a bottle priced at over R200 has to be good :)

Vine Culture was established to help the everyday wine drinker experience the best of what South Africa has to offer in a fun and comfortable environment – your own home.

So of course we can’t simple GIVE you the wine… here’s how you can stand a chance to win it as well as a batch of chocolate cupcakes made by the cupcakemummy (because what is a night off without a few cupcakes).

  • Leave a comment below – yes it’s that simple!

You can follow both myself (@cupcakemummy) and our sponsor (@vineculture) on twitter if you have it.

And as an extra – go and signup for the vineculture newsletter, it’s absolutely free and if you’re as uneducated about wines as I am then it’s also a great place to learn so that you can look a little smarter if the conversation ever happens to revolve around wine (as it so often does at our #dinnerclub get togethers!)


19 thoughts on “celebrating women’s day with a giveaway!

  1. Oh my word, I haven’t had wine in 9 months- and its one of the things I’ve missed most! Would love to celebrate my (soon to be) non pregnant state with a glass of wine and a cupcake. Bliss!

  2. YOu are soright! We all need a bit of time off in this mommy_thing! WIne and cupcakes are the best mix for an eveing off which I desparately need. haha!! Love your blog :)

  3. I agree 100% any evening for a mom with a good SA red wine & chocolate cupcakes is enough to make her week.
    And any SA wine over R200 is worth the comment..they a fab idea of a site

  4. I love reading your blog and tweets and as a working mommy of two littluns I can totally relate to all your posts! I’m already dreaming about a lovely glass of wine and one of your famous cupcakes (or maybe 6!).

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  6. maybe not just as a night off but i would like it as a celebration of a new chapter in my life for when i start my new job next month :)

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