hiking UNDER @CapeTown

If you’re afraid of the dark (like me), small confined spaces (like me) or creepy crawlings (like me) then perhaps a tour of the old canals underneath Cape Town are NOT for you. I promised myself that I will no longer say no to adventures and definitely not chances to conquer a fear. I took the bull by the horns, donned my pink hello kitty gumboots and faced it head on – literally.

Matt from Good Hope Adventures needed a medic to tag along for the tour he gave today as city bylaws state that he has to have one on all his hikes and as his usual firefighter couldn’t make it (and mum happens to be Matt’s friend) my services were offered and I joined the group.

The group was fun – a bunch of 18 year old foreign exchange students which means not much talking to anyone so I spent a lot of the time thinking that this is definitely a tour you should do with a group of friends and perhaps dressed in a wetsuit, though they obviously had a fabulous time and I will never hear “rolling in the deep” in the same light again. Only bonus was that with me trailing the back I could perv over the very yummy calves and behind that was in front of me without feeling guilty (hey, I’m allowed to look!)

If you’re considering going on the tour there are a few things you need to know before rushing off to buy gumboots – you will get wet (there is ALWAYS one person in the group that slips and falls and gets completely soaked), you will slip (even if you don’t land in the water you’ll definitely get quite a few of those “OMG I’m going to fall” moments), it doesn’t always smell nice (it’s mostly clean water from the mountain but you know that bergies pee in the road etc…), you need to be fit (you spend the first 45minutes bent over with your legs spread about two metres apart walking similar to a gorilla I guess), you will look like a retard when you walk into a spidey nest and last but not least it echos so if you fart, snort, giggle or scream EVERYONE will hear you…

Matt really does go all out safety wise, there is always a medic on the hikes and tours, tunnels are checked before the hike to make sure they are safe and if it’s raining they are cancelled as the water levels get too high and dangerous, he tries to give you as much history as he can (he’s like a walking history boff) and even makes sure there are some refreshments at the end of the tour.


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