lets go camping

I can’t really remember how I heard of Beaverlac but we decided that this is where we are heading for the weekend so we packed up the tent and goodies and missioned out to find it.

Firstly, shopping for camping food is tricky, especially when you’re doing it on a budget; catering for 3 different people and for a period of more than a day. Somehow we seemed to manage and come to a dull roar of agreements. Even fish had his say…

Next is trying to remember everything you need to pack and making it fit into a small space. This is the first time ever I haven’t packed the car alone and I honestly felt a little lost. Good to know that I couldn’t get blamed if anything got left behind though hehe BUT minus forgetting the condiments we even remembered to pack fish’s pushbike – it was a lifesaver!

As we couldn’t find the proper co-ordinates we sort of put in those of piketberg and somehow we STILL ended up taking a wrong turn somewhere and ending up in the most amazing wheat fields.

So it wasn’t where we were supposed to be but then again sometimes these things happen for a reason.

We FINALLY found the right path. Let me warn you – strap up the boobs, pack away the balls and hang on with your teeth. The road down to the campsite is something out of a bad nightmare. It’s a dirt road, a very badly (if at all) maintained road that has a sheer drop down into a gorge on your right. Scary as well as wheels tend to lock on dirt roads going at a rather steep angle down. There were golf’s that made it down as well as our little 1400 bakkie (how I really don’t know) but I would suggest you leave your fancy mercs etc at home and pack the 4×4 instead…

Once there it was time to set up camp (which I barely helped with – NOT used to this as have been independent for so long)and then it was time to head off and explore a little bit.

The weather was a little iffy so we decided to take the shortest walk (they give you a rather cave-drawing looking map) which happened to be “the main pool” and not a terrible walk either.

Fish and Mark had one of those real father/son bonding moments and I was a mere after thought for a while, not sure how the feelings about this are but it’s so good seeing my little boy so happy.

They went tadpole hunting while mummy took a few photos of them and some of the breathtaking surroundings…


3 thoughts on “lets go camping

  1. Love this place. Belongs to the parents of one of my best friends. We used to spend many a weekend on the back of a bakkie driving all over the place (Perks of knowing the owners, you get to go where no others can, or are allowed to)

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