the A to Z of us…

A is for … airoplanes. Because we are often on them.

B is for … baking. Because this mummy LOVES it.

C is for … cupcakes. Duh, everyone knows that.

D is for … dragons. Fish loves to RAWR.

E is for … eating. Something we do a lot of.

F is for … family. Because they mean so much to us.

G is for … granny. Fish’s favourite person.

H is for … hugs. All the time, whenever we can.

I is for … imagination. We use it often.

J is for … joonbug. Our gorgeous border collie

K is for … kisses. Mummy steals them as often as she can.

L is for … like. There is so much of it in our lives.

M is for … monsters. The good ones that hide under your bed and chase the baddies away.

N is for … nicknames. We make them up often.

O is for … outside. That’s what Cape Town’s all about.

P is for … potty training. Something we’re trying to do.

Q is for … quiet time. Which we get very little of.

R is for … rain. We love jumpin in the puddles that are left behind.

S is for … surrogate dad. He’s come into our lives and we like him a lot.

T is for … tidy. A word you can NOT use to describe my home.

U is for … underestimate. Something we will NEVER do, you are capable of anything you set your mind to my little man.

V is for … vanilla. What this mummy and her home smell like every day.

W is for … weinachten. How we celebrate the festive holidays.

X is for … x-rated. My language sometimes.

Y is for … yachts. We’re on them often because grandpa is a skipper.

Z is for … zucchini’s. We don’t eat them but i love the word.

Thanks to Cisforcapetown for the inspiration… head on over to her blog. It’s a wonderful place to procrastinate!


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