a little friday follow love…

It’s FRIDAY woohoo let’s all do a little happy dance :)

Jiggy jiggy jiggy cha cha chaaa :P

Okay so now that you’ve witnessed my TERRIBLE rendition of the samba let’s pretend it never happened and carry on…

There is more than one reason to do the Friday dance today though, yes the most important one being that it’s the last day of the working week (well for most people anyway) but the other REALLY important thing is that I get to go and fetch M at the airport tonight!!!

So seeing as it’s SUCH a brilliant Friday I thought I’d spread the love a little and pull a twitter stunt, so here are the blogs that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying over the past week (yes I’ve been procrastinating at work, but if you were being retrenched wouldn’t you do the same?!) as well as some of my fellow tweeters :)

So go forth, and stalk these lovely people, leave them some comment love and simply tell them how great they are, cause we all need to hear it and it’s got so much more OOMPFH coming from a stranger!

  • colourgigles – because she brings that colour into the world that we all need : @ColourGiggles
  • c is for cape town – a fellow cape town mum who loves this city and explores it just like fish and I do : @cisforcapetown
  • dear max – Tanya writes about her adventures with max as letters to him, such a refreshing take on blogging, plus she always has great give-aways
  • extreme parenthood – I take my hat off to this mummy who’s raising two boys on the extreme side of the autistic spectrum AND she’s still able to laugh at the little things… WELL DONE SUNDAY! : @extremeparenthood
  • life. As I know it – came across @thelovebump’s blog recently who is an ex saffa living over in England AND she’s sent me a postcard! Definitely a stunning lady and a brilliant mum
  • one of the boys – this mamma just had her SECOND boy and wow does she make pretty babies. Another with fun stories to tell about her little ones as well as great give-aways : @Nicki_dadic
  • many things I am – she’s blunt as a spoon and I love it! : @taniar2
  • ournextbigadventure – started chatting to this mamma when she was still pregnant with her little bundle and now that she’s here we can read all about how lily is doing and how S is coping as a first time mummy : @shazrich7
  • pixiemeat grinder – I might not talk to this mamma on twitter anymore but if you ever want a piece of fantastic writing and dead honest chill you to the bone truthful read then this is it.
  • Observing vessel – his writing reminds me of mine before my mummy days : @the_llamastar
  • getting by on caffeine wishes and chocolate dreams – have had the chance to have some decent chatting with this lady and she is too funny for words… here’s to castration with farm tools one day ;) : @getting_by
  • Under the barefoot – can’t really give you a good reason other than you should just do it : @robynleasmith
  • The Counter – not exactly a BLOG kind of blog but a really cute little place run by an amazing twitter friend @megpascoe, she’s curvy, she’s flirty and as blunt as a spoon and tomorrow I’ll tell you whether or not her baking is up to scratch as she’s actually sending a yummy box of @counterlove with M for our month anniversary! (told you she’s amazing)
There are so many more wonderful people that fill my days with smiles but they will have to wait for another blogpost as we’ll be here all day if i had to list them all. know that if i haven’t mentioned you here now doesn’t mean i don’t love you to bits and all the laughter you bring my way xxx

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