experiment time – mentos and coke VS two preteens

In the afternoons I work as a tutor, was something I fell into when I was working for a Korean family at the sushi restaurant as they needed English help – somehow one thing led to the next and I ended up working with the Johnson family, all my other kids have matriculated, even the oldest Johnson is busy with his finals now.

Sky doesn’t really need me as much as he did when I started with him, we’ve found ways to work around his ADHD and study methods that work for him, his grades have increased and we’ve gone from a 30 minute lesson to 2 hours. They have also become family and I am going to miss them terribly when I leave here.

Every year Elkanah house has a science fair and each child has to take part (either alone or as a group) last time we did the iodine/peroxide experiment (they killed a patch of grass…) this time round it’s the mentos in coke experiment.

I’ve heard of this over the years but never thought it a good idea to waste coke and do it myself but the kids decided that this is what they want to do so we did it… for the actual day you’ll see the volcano (it’s built over a coke bottle) will be used instead of the test bottle they used today.

Will admit it was rather fun!

All you need is: a 2l coke and a roll of the blue packet mentos (It has to be the blue mentos as they don’t have the waxy coating that the fruit flavoured ones have, also – don’t cut them in half, the whole shells are what cause the reaction)


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