a blog award – cause i’m cool like that

I got a blog award *happy dance* hehehe aaah I love these, means people actually take the time to read and decipher the crap I write :P this one is from the oh so lovely cinderalla trippin – mom of two cute little sprogs, wife to a farmer and an all round laugh when it comes to her posts, some of my favorites (so far): what to do when Houston lifts off; what PND felt like; 7 toads, 1 prince and a pigeon pair.

So how does this blog award thingy work? Well apparently I need to list 7 things about me that you don’t already know and then I have to pass it on to 15 other people. In my opinion 15 is a bit much so I’m going to pass it on to my top 5 blogs (aka those that post most often). So here goes…

  1. I have a fear of the dark, yes I’m 23 doesn’t mean that I’ve outgrown it, not sure where it stems from but I still have a passage light on that illuminates anywhere I might need to walk to at any given point, my feet never hang over the bed and I need to have the tv on in order to fall asleep. (I am SO thankful that M understands and doesn’t mind)
  2. I hate mushrooms, the smell makes me gag. As well as the smell of raw meat/chicken, can’t stand it, can’t have it around. Cooking is a real mission which is probably why I barely ever cook meat unless I have to.
  3. I am a little obsessed with cupcakes, but then you know that. What you DON’T know is that I very rarely actually eat them. I have yet to find a GREAT cupcake that compares to mine, maybe that’s a bit bias but when someone can bring me a delicious MOIST cupcake that’s not topped off with a butter/sugar combo then I will reassess my judgment.
  4. I love cats, have had them around since I was really little BUT I am terribly allergic to them. if I walk into a room where a cat has been I’ll start sneezing and my eyes go all red and puffy.
  5. I am a romantic at heart (but let’s keep that between us okay)
  6. I nearly burnt down my mother’s house as a child. Note to self: never let fish near matches… pyromania might be genetic haha
  7. I am actually pretty domestic; I can knit, cook, bake, crochet, sew, needlepoint, darn socks, do the washing and ironing, the only thing I don’t do is dishes.

So now I need to pass this little award on to a few more people so they can divulge some fun information about themselves. And here they are:

  • Coulourgiggles – yeah well we all know i’m obsessed with all the cute ideas on her blog.
  • Angelsmind – another cupcake obsessed mummy :)
  • Harassed mom – go read it and you’ll see why
  • Exmi – an engaged single mom who’s very real :) can’t wait to see photos of her wedding!
  • C is for cape town – when I leave the mother city I hope she posts LOTS of photos of the mountain for me :P

5 thoughts on “a blog award – cause i’m cool like that

  1. YAY thanks :)

    I love mushrooms – we buy bags of them from our local farmers market :-p

    I love cupcakes but finding gluten free ones is almost impossible unless I bake them myself!

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