baking with the kids…

It’s Wednesday and nearing the end of term so the kids were given the nod that today is a baking day. Have had a few of these with Sky this year but every time we bake his cousin has to do something for hockey etc so today was the first time she joined and they loved it.

Today’s “lesson” was old fashioned soetkoekies with a bit of a twist : they chopped up slabs of chocolate to put in as we didn’t have chocolate-chips and as I couldn’t find the cocoa we used hot chocolate as Sky insisted on making them chocolate chocolate-chip cookies.

Have come to the conclusion that perhaps biscuit making is not the best idea with ADHD kids as they got bored halfway through cutting out the shapes BUT it’s worth all the moaning at them when you see how proud they are when their creations come out of the oven.

Picked fish up early from the nanny today so that he could join in the baking fun, for him I just got one of those “add egg and oil” pilsbury boxes though but he’s so proud that he could bake with mummy. Can’t wait till he’s older and he can REALLY bake with mummy! We’re going to make daddy so fat with all the cookies and cupcakes we keep in the house :P

And today’s recipe (cups and ml’s mixed up as it’s one of those that I’ve sort of made up as I went along. Came out really yummy though):

Set the oven to 180 before you start.

  • 125ml butter
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 5ml vanilla essence
  • 30ml milk
  • 10ml baking powder
  • 2 ½ cups of cake flour
  • 1 egg
  • Pinch of salt (but if you’re using salted butter then leave it out.
  • –  Remember that if you want to change them about you can; put all spice in for Christmasy ones, or cocoa (or hotchocolate) for yummy chocolate ones. Play around with it, that’s the fun part!

Beat the butter with a wooden spoon then mix it with the sugar till it’s “blended” well, chuck the rest in (mix with your hands it’s easier) then roll out. These are meant to be rolled into little balls and flattened so if you want to cut them into shapes I suggest you add a little bit more milk. Then pop them in the oven for 8 – 10 minutes (ours went in for 15 as the kids made them about 5cm’s thick!) but use the time as a guideline, when they start going a light golden brown you can take them out already.

So why not bake some cookies this school holiday? It will keep the kids busy, and you can always make them ice them another day (that’s TWO days of your holiday sorted – I take thanks in $ donations hehe) and to top it off cookies make GREAT Christmas presents so voila, fun for the kids and a yummy home-made gift from the kids for a friend or relative! Head on over to colourgiggles on some fun ideas on how to wrap them!


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