a little bit of colour

It’s been 8 months since I last coloured my hair. EIGHT MONTHS! Think that’s the longest I’ve gone since I started colouring it back in 1999! And yes I vowed I wouldn’t colour it for an entire year (12 months…) but you see the problem is the re-growth – I’m a blonde like fish, well more of a strawberry blonde but the problem comes in with the fact that my hair now grows out this weird DEAD colour which according to hairdressers is caused by the fact that when I colour my hair I massage the colourant into my scalp (don’t want to miss spots) and because I’ve been doing it for 12 years it’s killed off the colour.

So here I am walking around with this really crappy re-growth and even though M tells me he doesn’t care and I can go TWO years without colouring it I’m still gorgeous to him I still rather “unkept” you can SEE the difference from where I last coloured it. So yes, I threw in the towel and went to get colour.

my VERY red hair

Here’s where the difficult part comes in, I’m used to working in an environment where if I want pink hair then I have pink hair (as I did in the beginning of the year) my hair has been every colour except blue (and oh how I would LOVE teal coloured hair!) so here is me standing in clicks taking photos of colours to send to M so he can help me choose…

Both of us (and his mum) liked the red on the far right (I was leaning more to the purple you can see peeking out on the right) and I know I can pull red off well, problem is that due to the irish heritage even the slightest red tint in colouring comes up brighter on my hair (that’s how I ended up with the bright red hair a few months back)

i love schwartzkopf but wish it wasn't so pricey here in SA

In the end I went for a chocolate brown, it’s plain, it’s natural looking and I actually think I quite like it. Didn’t change the part of my hair that already had colour on it much but it did blend the re-growth in. I think I’ll stick to this colour for a while… though I MIGHT need to put some purple streaks in it, just to make it more me ; )

can you see the re-growth?!

on goes the colour...

no more re-growth!

and because i was taking photos... fish also wanted one!

I’ll try take better photos when I get my camera back


4 thoughts on “a little bit of colour

  1. I wish i’d dyed my hair something insane when i was still able to. one day i will have ferrari red hair, but until then i go between blue black and dark reds depending on my mood. i’m too scared to let the natural colour grow out in case it’s completely grey!

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