instagram fun…

I downloaded instagram onto Sky’s phone the other day and connected it with my twitter account so that when he was studying I could have some fun and boy oh boy did I have fun! Maybe a little too much as now I REALLY want an iphone (hint hint) though M has already put his foot down and said NO because that would mean he has to get whatsapp on his phone again and apparently is eats his battery life – mmm… not a good enough excuse ;)

It’s a real pity that the price of an iphone far outweighs my WANT for one. I think we’ll just have to petition blackberry to come up with an instagram-like application to try and keep its users (I say keep them as I know a whole lot of people who want iphones specifically for instagram)

Maybe one day!

look carefully - debbi painted spike's nails

debbi is looking for a silver one like this

mavis makes the best tea ever!

need to keep reminding myself...

jade's baby iguana - mo

my happy shoes - they're ugly but make me happy

my purple BB


3 thoughts on “instagram fun…

  1. BB does have one, it’s called Pixtrix but obviously no where near as good as Instagram. I also want an iPhone just for that app (ok and a few more)! Some lovely snaps there. Good luck with Joburg, I’ve been up there quite a bit over the last 3 months, and there is such a vibe there, the people are so friendly. It’s something I’m mulling over at the moment.

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