holidaying in Johannesburg…

Today more than ever I am looking forward to my holiday in jozi and it’s not just because I really miss M I think it’s a combination of things; the stresses that my mum is having (a whole story on its own), my impending joblessness etc. And even though I know that M has said not to worry, but after years of being so independent it’s REALLY hard to just sit back and accept it.

The closer the end of my working here in Cape Town gets the more I begin to stress, I haven’t been without work and my own income since std 6 when I started working for bois high as a first aider. That’s 10 years of working constantly.

Friends have pointed out that I shouldn’t stress and that I should take this joblessness as a blessing and a well deserved holiday, perhaps I should even though it’s really hard to accept it. So one by one I’ve been ticking things off of my to-do list, getting my things sorted and so on so that I am able to really and truly enjoy every moment of my holiday with M and fish.

I’ll just have to keep on thinking positive thoughts, my CV is out there and I am certain that someone somewhere will see it and realise that they NEED me for their company.

And on that note dear jozi bloggers and readers… PLEASE tweet me, email me or leave a comment on any suggestions you have on child-friendly places to go, things to do and people to see (yes a friendly tweet-up would be great!)


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