making the most of a migraine

3rd day in a row this migraine has plagued me and not the usual kind either, I get them often and am so used to them that they pretty much feel like an annoying headache, today (yesterday as I’m writing it now that it’s gone) it had me man down and NOT in a good way – if I got up to do anything I’d either be bringing up my stomach contents or hitting the floor. Not the most pleasant experience in the world I can promise you that.

Thankfully we were at mum as I needed to watch my little brother and his friends so that she could spend the evening celebrating a birthday, so fish was kept pretty busy by the boys and mum didn’t mind too much that I’d claimed residence on the couch and ownership of the TV.

Yes I feel bad that I pretty much wasted a day of my life mindlessly flipping channels and randomly catching snoozes but it’s not that I had much of a choice though. Well one thing I learnt yesterday is that the Americans are CRAZY, seriously I’m shocked! If you’ve watched toddlers and tiara’s you’ll know what I’m talking about… all I can say is WOW but there are all sorts in this world!

Have discovered that I really like the TLC channel that discovery hosts, there are some really great programmes on there, there is also some real crap on there! I’ve learnt about gypsy weddings and how they are struggling to keep their culture alive, how to cook bread like the Italians, how to have a fantastic wedding on a budget and been inspired to bake a big Christmas cake this year.

The cake idea is thanks to Ace of cakes on the food network though where they made this HUGE cake that looked like an xmas tree with gifts under it and a train going around it etc, it was amazing and I know that I don’t have half the talent that they do to replicate it BUT I am sure I could pull of making a little present cake or some Christmas cupcakes for M’s family this year. It’s the least I can do seeing as they are inviting fish and I into their home over the festive season…

So I got to pinning. As one does when an idea strikes and you need some inspiration to make it just right…

i like this idea as it incorporates our tradition of baking a lebkuchen house

cute, but that's a lot of fondant

christmas tree cake pops

simple, easy, elegant

still looking for these cupcake cookie cutters :(

quick and easy but cute

i have one of these giant cupcake moulds...


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