baking in anne’s kitchen

I got to spend the day with M’s mum (who is absolutely wonderful) and the oh so quirky Anne from in her gorgeous flat that over looks the beach in strand (Anne’s home not B’s) and to top off the day Anne treated aunty B and I to her famous 30 minute apfel strudel and yes it was divine!!!

Meeting your boyfriend’s parents is nerve wrecking. Meeting them on your own without him there – erm yeah… maybe the weekend migraine was caused due to stress hahaha. But B made the meeting so easy and was really understanding, lots of listening to me and my nervous verbal diarrhea am sure her ears are all worn out now ;) glad I got to meet her before the holiday’s though, am a little less nervous now.

Oh yeah… about that strudel: here’s the recipe, it was too good not to share!!! (and yes I have Anne’s permission to share said recipe)

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