friends are the family you choose

There are certain friends that you treasure more than you would most of your family members, actually they BECOME your family. I have a group of friends like this and I count myself as more than simply blessed to have them in my life.

Recently one of our “family members” was diagnosed with the big C in her uterus and even though they caught it at stage 1 meaning that an operation should remove it completely without much chance of it coming back there is always that little bit of fear left eating at the thoughts in your mind.

Each of us clubbed in as much as we could afford, from R50 to R150 whatever we could spare and we went and got her pj’s, slippers, chocolates, bath goodies, flowers and one of those big woollies meals so that she doesn’t have to cook when she’s discharged tonight.

We kept the whole thing a complete secret, even had a little secret chat group on whatsapp and we showed up at her house bearing gifts. Why? Because that is what you do for family.

These ladies have gotten me through some really tough times and really down days. We encourage each other, support each other, we vent and cry and laugh together. These women, these amazing mothers…

I am so very lucky to know them.


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