dear santa…

So I got an email this morning asking to lend a little helping hand to my secret santa, tell them a little more about me, what I like etc etc so tis what I shall do today :)

  • Are you crafty: I’d like to say so yes.
  • What colours do you wear: mostly purple and black really but I do love those bright coloured material scarves to add some colour now and then.
  • What is your favorite colour: would have to say it’s a dark purple at the moment.
  • Favorite scent: vanilla, no doubts about it. Also like that apple/cinnamon scent – it reminds me of Christmas.
  • Do you wear jewellery: not really, I have a bracelet I got from M and an heirloom ring and that’s pretty much it though I do wear pearls or pendants on a necklace sometimes.
  • Anything else I like: cupcakes. You can never ever go wrong with cupcake goodies.
  • What would I spend the last R100 I had on: this has to be the toughest question I’ve been asked in a while, especially these days because in all honesty if I only had R100 left I’d probably need it for petrol or to get something that fish needs. But the instructions are what I would buy MYSELF so let me think… erm…

I think I’d go walk around china town and get myself a pretty scarf or food. I LOVE food – hence looking as healthy as I do :P I’d most likely buy pencils and canvas to keep me busy, or a journal as I love sketching/writing when I’m out and about, I have lots of random thoughts and having a book in my bag really helps as then I don’t forget them – I sometimes have some pretty clever ideas if I do say so myself.  Mmm… it really isn’t easy when you have to think about what YOU want. There is so much I want but unnecessary gadgets and things like this gorgeous iron fist set…

But dear santa… please don’t bring me any food though, today is day 1 of 13 – shamus NEEDS to lose weight,  and I don’t mean that in a horrid way, he really does he is dangerously round (he looks about 12 months pregnant). At 105kg’s and only 5 foot something he’s really putting his already shite health at risk. He’s supposed to be over the 6ft but due to the curve of his spine he’s a lot shorter than he should be.

Am joining him on this kick start – metabolic restart – to healthy eating, it’s 13 days long and I am not doing it to drop kg’s I’m doing it to support him because I know for a fact that he won’t stick to it if he does it alone, obviously if it does lead to a few kg’s shed I won’t exactly complain though.


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