poker chips and christmas lights

It’s no secret that I’m not a wiz at making cakes but for some reason @tasmyn07 decided that she wanted me to make the cake for her boss to say congrats on a great first year for the casino. I definitely know that I need a LOT more practice BUT I had heaps of fun with this little project and even if my decorations didn’t make the cut at least I know what was inside all of it got a HUGE thumbs up for everyone. So we know I can bake… about time I start learning to decorate them properly now eh.

Did a mini xmas shoot at for a friend who’s a day mom – I take my hat off to her (if I was wearing one I would anyway) I was only there for maybe an hour and I left with one hell of a headache. All those screaming children… am so glad I have just fish!

The thing with photographing kids is that the day the shoot is booked (as Murphy would have it) they are miserable as all hell! Same for this lot, but despite the tantrums and crying sessions we actually managed a few really cute shots :) and I even got to snap up a quick shot of fishness who was really well behaved for a change (what am I saying, he’s generally well behaved)


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