progress report

Day 3 on this eating plan and so far so good, day 1 was the worst but am at the point now where I even struggle to finish a meal as there is just so much. Happy to report that shamus is 1.4kg’s down and I am 1.6kg’s down, but never mind the kg’s we’re down cm’s! I can feel it on my clothes. Nothing drastic but even mum commented that my baby bump (as I call my flabby belly) is getting flatter.

And the bit bonus – my blood pressure has dropped to a much less concerning state! Woohoo yay for healthy times. Going to admit that I am SO craving a huge slice of chocolate cake, or a nice warm apple and cinnamon cupcake… mmm… yes please.

This weekend is going to be a tough one, Saturday is lily’s cake and tea (and I’m allowed neither!) but the friends know I’m on it and they’re all for making sure there is cold water and support for me! Love these women so much!

And I am very happy to report that I have a temp job (only a few days) right before I leave for jozi so YAY that’s at least a little bit of spending money for our holiday, pays the nappies and maybe going somewhere fun!

More great news is that I saw my psych today and she says she can’t believe how much I’ve grown into myself since I started seeing her and that she is very impressed with how I am handling all the change even though my meds have needed to be upped just a little as even though I am coping I am starting to up down again with all the strain it’s causing. So yes I’m up to 200mg’s already BUT it’s only on a 3 month period and then we can reassess and see if I can go back down to 150mg’s. Am feeling very proud of myself. Lately I’ve even been answering a few phone calls… that says a whole heap on its own!

Now I am off to try and make blue from Rio out of modeling chocolate as have somehow got myself into making 70 cupcakes in a Rio theme for Monique (hitlers secretary) for her little ones first birthday next week. And best I get started on the toppers now already… of course I’ll post pics up when I’m done (hold thumbs I get this right!)


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