summer is in cape town

It’s summer in the mother city today with temperatures reaching a high of 30 (though not a breath of wind so it felt more like 40, and yes I am aware of what 40 feels like!) but despite the heat heat and having a car that was made before airconditioning it’s been a pretty great day.

I’m on day 6 of the “diet” and today Shamus bought a home gym which will be delivered and assembled tomorrow. Watch this space as now I have no excuse not to excercise and tone up… will get off the flight and M won’t recognize me. Okay maybe not THAT drastic but you get the picture.

Fishness spent the day at granny while we were walking makro, a good thing to as the new one is HUGE and I can just imagine the frustrations that would have mounted were he with. So came over to fetch him and somehow got handed a bathing suite and ended up in the pool – the weather might be warm but the water never got the bloody memo!

So what’s another good way to combat the heat: ice creams of course. Mum, the monster and fishness chilled in the pool having yummy chocolate ice lollies while I hid behind the camera willing myself not to sprint inside and get one for myself.

Summer is here, I’m not working, let the fun times roll…


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