there are still good people out there

On Tuesday my housekeeper came in and told me about the fire in Dunoon, which is a settlement sort of across the field (a rather large field, a river and another field) so we can see all the fires that happen, well the smoke anyway. I was aware that there had been a few fires over the weekend but couldn’t judge if it was coming from the settlement or just part of the field (we’ve had a very hot few days). Well it turns out it was near her, in fact her home was one of the 96 “houses” that went up in flames along with all their possessions inside (thankfully her children are with their grandmother).

Immediately I wanted to help, and I wasn’t the only one. Some of the amazing dinnerclub ladies pitched in with whatever they could, what touched me most is that people I have never even met also helped out. Woolworth’s donated some fresh foods (when foods reach their sell by date they are usually perfectly fine but are legally not allowed to be sold) and the amazing @megpascoe transferred some money. I headed off to makro and got as much as I possibly could with what meg and I pooled together.

Things like canned foods, bedding and toiletries, I was also able to get my uncle who is in construction to get me some building materials for a discounted price as well as some goodies for free.

I can’t explain the feeling you get when you help someone out who needs help, and not only that – when you help someone and they REALLY appreciate it. The look on her face was priceless. Money cannot buy those moments (erm… well I guess it did) and had I been allowed to capture it I would, thandi is old fashioned in her xhosa traditions and the one time I DID try take a photo I was moered over the head and explained that photos steal bits of your soul… BUT as soon as my sister brings my camera back I’ll upload photos of all the goodies we got for her :)

The little bit done for her will never replace what she had but it will hopefully help her on her start back on her feet again.

To those who helped… I’m not sure how even I can thank you enough; you’ve shown me that there is still good in the world. And that above all else, well that just gives me hope that maybe one day, just maybe, things will be different to how they are now.

Be the change you want to see in the world ~ Gandhi


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