an update on the fishness

It’s amazing how much a child can grow and progress in just a few months. Fish’s 2nd birthday was back in August (4 months ago-ish) and I remember him barely talking, he would say single syllable words like mom and pa, up and no but that was about where his verbal skills ended (unless of course you count his incredible lung capacity – screaming)

I was watching him interact with the other kidlets at Logan’s first birthday today and I can’t believe how much he has grown, both physically and mentally. This child is a SPONGE that pretty much breathes in food (must have the sperm donors fast metabolism) and knowledge. So I think it’s time for another little update on him, cause I know that blink my eyes and he’ll be heading off to school…

  • 28 months old – December 2011
  • 13.2kg’s
  • 93cm’s
  • All the milk teeth are in – we’ve been great but during cutting have had horrible poop nappies
  • We finally refer to granny as “glanny” and not “mom”
  • Shamus and Hitler are both called pa
  • He finally has someone in his life to call “daddy”
  • He LOVES cars, the smurfs and is obsessed with Scooby doo
  • Still don’t like meat but we’re eating chicken
  • Will pick ice cream over anything else every time
  •  Still not 100% potty trained
  • Talks a mile a minute and repeats practically everything (even mummy’s colourful words)
  • His hair has been shaved but it’s growing back really quickly and mummy can’t wait till it’s long again
  • He’s addicted to steri stumpies, he says the marshmallow one is mummy’s and the chocolate one is daddy’s and fish’s one is the bubblegum one
  • Still in my bed for the most of the time but I like him in it and won’t chase him out just yet
  • He is cheeky as hell, the other day we were in the pool and he said “mummy come sit here NOW”
  • Favorite foods are still pasta pasta and chips

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