princess’s, pirates and italian weddings

Aurora turned THREE today!!! Congrats to @tash_wen on raising such an adorable little princess and for the most part of it alone. Well done friend, wishing you many more years of happy days (and hopefully a smooth teen years hahaha) we all had fun at the party. I know that fish did cause he didn’t want to leave even though i told him he was going to sleep over at granny.

We all know the Italians can party… wait till you see their weddings!!! Really makes me want to change my heritage :P

Played photographer for the Navarra-Greef wedding and wow is pretty much all i can say. They met and 4 months later got engaged – he said he just knew that she was his future. *insert awwww moment*

They are an amazing couple and C is VERY organised, she had me booked and contract signed beginning of the year already – this wedding is the reason that i am only leaving for Jozi on Monday!!! And I am so glad I didn’t shrug it off onto someone else just so that i could leave early.

Yeah and i’ll admit the wedding bug has bit me… HARD.


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