hellooooo 2012

– noun
1. Formal expression of group opinion
2. Determination
3. Solution of a problem

It’s a new year and everyone expects you to make these big resolutions but we all know we never keep them, many a year I’ve started off with promises of losing weight, stopping drinking etc – all of which are generally broken within the first week if not a few days! You know you’re nodding your head and agreeing :P

– verb
1. To intend
2. To direct one’s efforts
3. To direct a gun, punch, etc

So this year I’ve decided NOT to make any resolutions, instead I have a few things I’m going to aim for because that way it’s alright if I hit a bump in the road on the way to the end result.
Read on twitter this morning (via @amy_mi) “we are all just souls having a human experience” and hey, while I’m having this experience I want it to be great!

So what would I like to achieve in 2012? Well the list is long and maybe I won’t accomplish them all but in my opinion it’s better having something to work towards than simply blathering along.

My list – in no specific order – goes something like this:

• Get a new car (or a 2nd hand one, just something that’s actually road worthy unlike mine)
• Go back on medical aid or even just a hospital plan
• Concentrate on making my photography more profitable
• Working! Big aim this year for me is to find stable work that pays enough for me to afford to survive and put away a little bit of savings for a rainy day (read as fish’s future)
• Fix up my house – little things like new curtains, painting fish’s room and finally getting a dining room table
• Study (even it’s part-time or nightschool) so I can better myself and future
• Appreciate the little things more
• Have a ME day once a month – going out etc sans fish
• Pay off the last of my debt
• Get this blog registered and a make-over
• Read more: aka buy a kindle, because as much as I love books they are costing me a fortune (price of a kindle is roughly equivalent to 3/4 books)
• Work on being a better girlfriend


2 thoughts on “hellooooo 2012

  1. I’ve never made New Year’s Resolutions, but my year doesn’t feel like it “starts” in January anyway. In the past it “started” with my knucklehead’s birthday – it always felt like his birthday celebration was “the end”…

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