lory park zoo

One of our little outings while we were on holiday was the Lory Park Zoo in Midrand – definitely worth a visit.

At first I thought the entrance fee was a little steep but that was until I found out that they are not government funded, they survive solely on entrance fees and any donations that they get and really made my heart ache as it just shows HOW MUCH the owners love and feel for these animals.

Yes they are behind cages but most of them were born behind these cages and don’t know any better, the majority of these creatures are also on the endangered species list and therefore so much safer with them than out in the wild.

It is child friendly, clean and smells like garlic, the staff are friendly and happy to answer any questions you have due to the zoo being VERY much kitted out as an education facility to try and get children more interested and knowledgeable about in the animals there.

I would love to sponsor an animal in fish’s name as soon as finances are alright but if yours are why don’t you? Or make a small donation – every rand is a rand that they didn’t have to start off with. They have  WISHLIST listed on their site and I would love to try and get a whole lot of the items  together for them… perhaps some of our twitter peeps would help us out? mmm… worth a try.

Just one little note: the various parrots that they put in the tea garden are used to people and kids but they do also bite so go and touch but be a little weary…


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