birthday madness

This has to be the first year (since I was little of course) that I’m actually excited for my own birthday and I mean REALLY excited.
In our circle of friends 4 of us are April babies and 3 of us are mere days apart – literally: @sheldeneTM and @reyv3004 are both April 30th (this year it also happens to be Rey’s crown birthday!) and mine is the 28th! Well seeing as we pretty much run in the same friendship circle (for the most part) we’ve decided to have a joint party. So instead of friends deciding who’s party to attend we’ll have one HUGE one. Will also make things easier on the budget.
So as a theme we’re going with a mad hatter style picnik with 3 sections; queen of hearts, alice/white queen and hatter – we have 4 months to work out the minor details – with petite fours, cupcakes, mini apple crumble and meringue’s etc…
Have found some really great ideas on pinterest. Think that above all I’m just excited to be celebrating my birthday amongst a group of people who have become so dear to me.
And of course, speaking of birthday’s… In 8 months my little man will be THREE! And this year we’re having a monster themed party for him, going to get started a little early on decor this year as want it to be extra special for him.


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