365 project

This will officially be year #3 that I attempt this project… let’s see if I can stick to it longer than a week this time hahahaha :P

The aim of the 365 project is pretty much exactly what the title says of it: you take a photo for every day of the year. I always start with real gusto and then I get lazy; either I miss a day or I just don’t get around to uploading it and then think meh why carry on. This year I shall attempt to give it another go. We’re already 7 days in so I’ll post the first 7 on this post and then I think that instead of trying to post them daily I’ll do my Sunday posts as the 7 photos of the week.

Decided that cause it’s a personal project I’m not going to use my photography logo… maybe it’s just cause I was bored but hey… I think it’s about time that cupcakemummy has its own logo right? What do you think of it?

And then of course the photos for the first 7 days…

Day 3 I didn’t take as I only really decided today to get the photos together and start the project…


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