kirstenbosch picnik fun

I am so furious today that I want to vomit. Ever get that angry? It’s dangerous and detrimental! Finally decided to take the sperm donor to maintenance court and now his oh-so-caring family refuse to let me know where he is – they would rather their grandchild suffer than help us out… well well well… google is a FABULOUS little invention. But more about that in another post, would rather focus on the lovely morning we had at the gardens…

Last day of school holiday’s (for government schools) so we packed a picnic and went to kirstenbosch botanical gardens. The kids had a ball running around, splashing in puddles and feeding the goslings and guinea fowl. Have a look at the photo of mum… and then you wonder where my interest in photography comes from :P

For those of you whose kiddies have gone back to school – GOOD LUCK and let this year go as smoothly as possible.


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