making the most of being unemployed

Since I got out of bed this morning it’s been GO GO GO till now! My legs are on fire and so is my face, the legs from all the work and the face from the blooming HOT sun that was out in force today. I don’t think I’ve been this busy around the house since I moved in here in 2010! Wow have I been here that long already?! Time to move hahahaha.

My day looked something like this:

  • Make breakfast
  • Watch movie with fish
  • Force myself to actually get up
  • Rake the garden (the WHOLE garden)
  • Mow the lawn
  • Spit the ground
  • Lay a pallet and fill it with soil
  • Plant sunflower seeds
  • Water garden
  • Shower cause I smell like a sweat factory
  • Walk to peek-a-boo daycare and put fish on the waiting list (PLEASE hold thumbs a space opens up for him ASAP)
  • Already half way there so walk to bayside
  • Get dinner at woolies (thanks to everyone who got me vouchers back when it was my bday)
  • Walk to parklands woolies as bayside doesn’t have what I’m looking for
  • Walk home
  • Water garden again and clean pigeon poo / fish’s painting off the walls and bricks
  • Move DVD player into lounge as am getting my sisters TV for a while
  • Move make shift crib-table out and to shed and move in new drawer table (muuuuch neater)
  • Move crap off stoep into shed
  • Make dinner
  • Send out CV
  • DIE…

Hahahaha okay so I didn’t exactly die but it sure feels like it, longest day ever and it doesn’t help that it’s still as bright as midday outside either (damn you summer) so fish is still bouncing off the walls telling me no sleep sun still on. Can’t wait for winter!

I’m excited to see the hard work in the garden pay off. Hope that most of the sunflowers take, I’m going to have one VERY yellow garden if they all do but hey… at least it will be a happy garden!

Tomorrow is almost the same routine though no walking to bayside required as I got tomorrow’s dinner sorted. But it’s time to tackle the front garden and that’s going to take at least half the day!!! And then of course I have to sort out fish’s room and get him back into his proper routine again.

Seeing as I’m not working at the moment I best make good use of all the free time right…


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