excuse the mess but the kids are learning

It was “beach weather” in the mother city today, beautifully sunny and just enough wind to take the sun’s sting away. Also dangerous weather in my case cause I’d burn to a crisp had we actually gone to the beach. I have tried every sunscreen so far and I still burn. A doctor in germany told me it’s because I actually have a slight allergic reaction to the sun… erm, thanks for making me even weirder than I already am doc!

Decided to stay home and have a lazy day instead so we stayed in our pajamas, did the washing and watered the garden (fish’s new favorite job) and then it was “education time”. I am absolutely in love with how much you can teach your child doing ordinary things at home. Never thought about it before I had a chat with @pinkhairgirl (thanks again sally!) but now I realise that almost everything we do has learning in it for kids!

So the past few days I’ve dedicated 30 minutes of uninterrupted learning time for fish (mum was a pre-school teacher and apparently 20 minutes is more than enough). Today due to the weather we decided on painting. I have also been trying to teach him choice, so he gets two options of what we can do and he decides.

Grabbed anything I could think of in the house that would make a nice stamp, some paint brushes, some poster paint and of course paper. We headed outside and had some really messy fun! His favorite was blowing the paint with a straw (even though I think we ended up with more spit on the page than paint) and he’s really getting great at his colours!


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