Huggies® little swimmers

Sometime over December a gorgeous Huggies® parcel arrived for fish, pity it arrived while we were away as it was the perfect “summer holiday” package! What it contained: a heap of huggies® little swimmers gear: 4 swimming nappies, a bright orange towel and a blow up beach ball. The only thing I had a good giggle at is that the discount coupons for more nappies expired march last year.

Those in Cape Town know the heat wave we are currently experiencing and even though yesterday wasn’t as hot as today it was definitely swimming weather so we loaded the pram and took a walk down to mum’s to hijack her pool – bliss! Ended up having a playdate with S and S’s little redheaded offspring so we put Connor in little swimmers as well!

I wish I’d known how well they work sooner! Fish doesn’t like swimming with anything on (and we’re potty training) so I was quite surpised when he was happy to swim with them on, though I think it was perhaps a case of “monkey see monkey doo” but not complaining as he kept them on long enough for photos.

I’ve heard that the swimmers are a bit pricey but when you consider that you can reuse one till it looks tattered (or your little one pooped in it) then it’s not a bad deal. Once done with their swim, just squeeze out the nappy and hang it over a chair to dry. The new design is also better than the original ones because they have a Velcro like system on the sides so that you can easily take it on and off (unlike the pull up nappies you have to tear off).

My overview: if you have a little kiddo who’d not quite potty trained yet then these are definitely the way to go, they fit nicely, they are cute (finding nemo and Winnie the pooh designs) and that’s not just from me. Just note not to buy them the normal size (4, 5 etc) you usually get, rather check the weight and go according to that. Think the only thing I would change on the nappy is to make the front and back easier to identify, we spent a good 5 minutes trying to figure out which was which.


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