pinterest addicts unite in crafty goodness

So I have decided to join a challenge (yes another one!) set out by the lovely @thelovebump from life, as I know it. The challenge is actually a pretty awesome one and I hope that a few of you will join in. Guess I should tell you what it is first right?

The #pinaddicts challenge…

  1. Choose something from your pinterest boards to create!

(a cake, a craft, a DIY project… basically anything you have pinned)

  1. Start linking up your projects on the first Monday of every month (you link up on the @thelovebump’s blog – the link-up will be open for a week)
  2. At the end of the week someone get’s chosen to win the “pinners prize of the month”

Now the point of this is not to join just so you can win something – it’s more because we spend days liking and pinning things on pinterest WISHING we could make it or thinking “I’ll get to it” even though we never do. So here is a little motivation to get you off your lazy butt and get CREATIVE! Cause hey… the world is a more colourful place with crafters in it!

If you want to join in then just tweet or leave a comment here or on @thelovebump’s page (or any of the other pinners in the challenge) and let them know you’re joining. The twitter hastag is #pinaddicts so follow it for updates and banter.

I’ve already started my first crafty project…


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