fishing and other stuff

I am currently sitting under a tree in misverstand (about 120km outside cape town) watching my cousin faff about on TIME OUT (their boat) – what he’s doing I’m not exactly sure, I think he might be sneaking a line off the back even though the parentals have said no. Typical teen…

It’s amazing here, I’d say it’s quiet but I’d be fibbing – you know what fishermen can be like. But despite the braai banter and the skiers still out it’s lovely listening to the birds, frogs and waves.

Why am I here and where is fish? I’m here to score points and hopefully qualify for nationals – yup you read right… I’m actually IN the fishing competition. Random I know but I swear shamus put a rod in my hand the day I was born. I’ve been nominated to represent western province and this weekend’s comp is the decider so here I sit ready and waiting for tomorrow’s 6am start to the day.

Fishness is staying with his granny and WOW I miss my little monster, I keep thinking he’s going to come running around the corner or screaming for me to show me something new he’s found. Yup I feel guilty as hell even though friends have reassured me I shouldn’t be as we all need the break. But it’s my first non-working weekend away from him so yeah am feeling a little odd. But I’ll spoil him next week somehow.

You’re going to have to wait for photos till I get home to a PC cause this blackberry definitely doesn’t take amazing photos. Actually I’m surprised it even works out here – lucky me!

Hope you’ve all had a stunning friday. Let’s hope tomorrow I’ll have some good stories to tell after weigh-in (weighing the fish not me – thank the stars!)

I can’t wait to bring M and fish here, it’s child friendly, clean and absolutely amazing but will definitely have to have work and some savings before I consider it.



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