big dreams, small places…

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been born into the wrong era and this weekend I had so much free time to think that I am solidly convinced of it.

I’ve grown up in small towns my entire life, Cape Town being the very first real “city” I’ve ever lived in. I was born while we lived in Saldanha (back in the 80’s when it was still just a few houses) from there we moved around a lot; George, Ladismyth, Luderitzbucht, Vredenburg, Muldersdrift, Paarl, and Bachham…

This city living thing is doing my head in. I am tired of the hustle and bustle, I miss the quiet life of a little town, the knowing your neighbours, being able to walk everywhere, and just the entire life there. I’ve never dreamt of being a millionaire, yes of course I’d love money so that these struggles are over and I can happily afford fish’s school fee’s etc. but in all honesty I have this view of a little cottage style house with the picket fence and fish playing with joonbug in the yard. The husband to cook for and sit on the porch with would be a bonus.

To me if my rent and necessities are paid I’m as happy as a pig in shit. Money doesn’t buy you happiness; it’s an old cliché but a true one. It might buy you a stress-free life yes but it won’t buy you true happiness.

What brings this little revelation on? Maybe it was the Sparks book that I read while waiting for the fish to bite that was set in Boone Creek, North Carolina – my favorite place, well not specifically that little town but there deep down south with their yummy southern drawl (makes me weak at the knees) and their stuck-in-a-time-warp ways. What I would give to relocate to a little town and open a small coffee shop or something. Bliss. Another is an ordeal that my shoemate went through this weekend that yet again proves that no matter how much money you have it will never buy you the really important things in life. Friendship, love and laughter.

I’m only 23 so there is still chance for my small town dream to come true, or maybe even island living. It’s a dream I have and it’s definitely one I’ll try my best to accomplish. I adored growing up in a small town. I got to stay a kid for as long as possible (well till my parents’ divorce) and I want that for fish. I want him to forge true friendships, feel the security of knowing those around, being able to walk around after dark…


3 thoughts on “big dreams, small places…

  1. Yeah

    I found a blogger younger than me!

    We all wish for the perfect care free life. but wont that be a bit boring? I love the madness that is my life, most days…

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