i see the moon and the moon sees me

I experienced the most amazing “mommy and me” moment tonight. You know those moments that make all the bad ones seem irrelevant?

I was sitting inside behind the PC (sad to say as always) editing photos and fish came running inside shouting “mommy look look” frustrated at being interrupted I asked what I was looking at but the little munch just grabbed my hand and tried to pull me outside. Giving in I followed…

Fish instructed me to sit down on the porch (thankfully its slab not wood so no splinters) and he sat next to me. Yeah this is where I get agitated as I know I have work to finish but now he wants me to sit on the floor. So of course “WHAT AM I LOOKING AT?!”

                The moon mommy. Look the moon.

And of course right then and there my heart melted and I felt so guilty for being agitated with this innocent, lovable ball of adventure. And we stayed sitting there watching as it grew darker and the stars started peeping out. I listened while he told me all about the sun going to sleep and the moon waking the stars up cause it’s lonely.

It’s these moments that cancel out all the crap we’ve been through, are going through and will still go through. It’s moments like this that I know why he came into my life and why the universe decided I need to be a mom. It might not always be easy. But it’s rewarding…


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