little bumps and floating poop

My oh so pretty friend @bronwenJbell lives aaaaaall the way out in simonstown and even though it’s a terribly long drive there is little more enjoyable than a day spent that side of the world. The company is amazing of course, the weather is great (usually) and the ice cream is always cold.

Decided that seeing as she is already 22 weeks pregnant and FINALLY there is a bump we just had to visit and of course take a photo or two. Well that and I haven’t seen her in a while :P

I think the nice thing is that being a local she knows where the not so secret beach is so of course we spent quite a bit of the time drawing pictures in the sand – well she tried but according to fish she wasn’t allowed to and he kept attacking them much to her dismay – and jumping the cold waves coming close to the shore.

Fish had a bit of an accident in his pants so this mummy got super clever and turned his tshirt into a pair of pants… I tell you now, the creative side of your brain swells when you become a mom! And then we decided it was better to walk back up to the house and just fill the blow-up pool.

Parenting is not glamorous at all. If anyone tells you different they have clearly never had to stand with their hands in a woolies packet trying to catch poo out of their friends pool. Yeah… it happened. But thank you to bron who just laughed and pretended it didn’t phase her even though I know that inside she was probably screaming haha – get used to it… only 18 weeks till you learn all about the joys of poop and vomit!

All that being said, I can’t wait to meet little Cody! Boy… you are one lucky little bugger, spoilt to the nines already and hey, with a mom as gorgeous as yours there is no way you’re going to suffer with the girls when you’re older.


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