they grow up so fast…

I was busy making coffee this morning when I heard grunts and struggles coming from the bathroom and thought maybe fish had knocked the step aside and couldn’t get off the toilet so I went to inspect and ask if he needed help – folding his arms in a huff he responded “no mom am making pooping”. I burst out laughing, it was said in such a “duh, how daft are you” kind of way I just couldn’t help it!!!

Minus the incident in the blow-up pool yesterday potty training is going extremely well, will admit that there were times in the beginning when I just wanted to give up and put a nappy on again but am glad I’ve persevered. It is NOT an easy task, especially being mom to a boy child because he has different parts and sometimes can’t understand why mummy doesn’t stand and wee at the side of the road with him (it was a LONG trip out to simonstown okay and he needed the loo, don’t judge). We wear no nappy the whole day and only wear one at night though more for “just in case” than anything else as he wakes up with a dry nappy and then rushes to the loo for the typical man’s morning routine.

Never in my life would I ever have thought that someone having a crap or wee in the right place could be so exciting and rewarding… this parenting thing seriously warps your brain I tell you! Had you told me 5 years ago where I’d be today I’d have laughed at you and told you that you’re smoking some really strong stuff and you need to share. Funny the roads that life takes you on…


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