paternoster hide away

I need a break and @EmyDiesel’s little munchies birthday couldn’t come at a better time. How so you ask? Well you see, madam lives up the coast all the way out in paternoster, a one horse town. Literally. And madam also offered up a room for fish and I so hey… PERFECT!

Paternoster is a quiet little fishing village up the west coast, well it used to be – that was before the developers swooped in, tore down all the gorgeous little fishing houses and replaced them with guest houses and b&b’s and yes I’ll give them a little credit for sticking to the whole fisherman style themed white rounded houses and brick work but still. There was a lot of history there that they broke down.

I spent 11 summers at the lighthouse so you could say I practically grew up there. My grandpa was the lighthouse keeper so for holidays we’d make the long drive from luderitz (or wherever we happened to be living at the time) to paternoster. We played on the beach at tietiesbay, picked buchu in the cave structure below the lighthouse and ate bokoms at the paternoster padstal. My undies are even on the wall at the panty bar…

The sunsets are breathtaking, the beaches are clean and there is no litter laying around. The “locals” are friendly, there is very little wealth but there is SO much happiness. It’s a community.

So many memories, can’t say all of them good but I think we generally try and block out the crappy ones. It was great going back and spending the weekend there. Can’t thank Emy enough for having us for the weekend :)


2 thoughts on “paternoster hide away

    • the paternoster hotel has a little bar about the size of an anthill and the walls and ceiling are covered in women’s underwear. it’s kind of a tradition to nail either your panties or bra to the wall. mostly only panties are hung up (bra’s are expensive you know)

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