getting stuff done

So I am finally working again! Woohoo. This also means that this theory I have about my hair is correct – the amount of work I get in is directly proportional to the weirder the colour of my hair is. It was red last year and I was busy as all hell, it’s also when things started going really well and I went back on my meds etc. with plain old chocolate brown though things were well, plain and uneventful. Now that my hair is purple I have work again.

Who is this awesome new employer who actually likes my purple hair and barefoot hippy styles? Well it’s Mrs Waters over at Get Stuff Done. So what exactly gets done over at Get Stuff Done? Everything… well almost everything. You know when you need something done in the office, filing, datacapturing etc and you just don’t have the time to do it but there isn’t enough work to give it to someone as a permanent position. Well that’s where “we” come in.

I do filing, cloud computing, sorting, data capturing, debt collecting, and I even fetch washing and collect groceries. It’s fun really, I know you might not think so but I am absolutely loving it!

As my dad pointed out: when I’m not working I get really “miff” and my mood is snappy and shite… guess that’s a pretty accurate account of how I get, let’s take his word for it. My brain needs to stay busy, the busier I am the better and yes the happier. I am booked to work 4 hours a day every day from tomorrow till Monday (just not Sunday) and I am ecstatic!

This is going to be a good year. And hey, if you need to get stuff done… well, you know where to go ;)

Website:  Facebook: Get Stuff Done  Twitter: @getstuffdone1


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