dusty rainbows and thankful fridays

This year hasn’t exactly started off with a bang, well I guess it did, a big one… and the dust is only now starting to settle, but now that it is I can smell the rain and I can’t wait to dance in it, cause we all know what follows the rain.

I haven’t done one of these this year because I’ve been too busy coughing my way through the dust but I think it’s needed. Actually, scratch that, I KNOW it’s needed.

I am grateful for…

First and foremost my friends, I have a group of the most amazing people I can count as true friends. My mum used to tell me that if you can count at least one hand of true friends you are blessed… well I must be the queen!

My son, because even though he came into my life completely unplanned I adore him with every atom of my being, he’s the reason I work so hard and push so far. He is my heart personified and I am so proud to have the opportunity to watch him grow and learn.

Family, they are the people who teach you what true love is, no matter how much you eff up they will always be there. You can embarrass them, be embarrassed by them, hate them or adore them but no matter what you know they are always there for you. And that there is what true love is.

As weird as it sounds – twitter. It’s not the usual thing someone is thankful for but it’s pretty much the only way I get to “meet” people, network and socialize these days. It’s made finding out things and simply saying hi so much easier for a social phobe such as myself.

I recently started working again and I am more than simply grateful to @tasmyn07 for introducing me to my AMAZING new boss. She’s hilarious, quirky and a perfectionist of note but she’s given me a chance to prove myself and put her trust in me so for that in itself I am thankful.

Then there is the usual things to be thankful for; my sense of smell, eyesight, health and just everything that makes me ME. I’m alive, I have a roof over my head and food in my tummy.

And finally… the sorrow and hard times, as shit as they are and hard as they are to get through at times they make you realise just how great the good times really are…



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