the fish VS the cupcakemummy

Fish has been insisting he wants “a cars happy birfday” for a while now and I keep trying to get him to change his mind to monsters ‘cause I found the CUTEST ideas on pinterest for a monster party. But my child has won me over… yes he’s is officially at that age where he knows what he wants and you can’t say boo or baa to change his mind! *sigh* I can only imagine what the years to come will be like, this lil bugger is as stubborn as his mummy. Guess he had to get something from me!

Buuuut… roll on the awesome @emydiesel! Emy’s brain + mine + pinterest = too many cute ideas! I don’t want to share them all with you specifically because I know of 2 other cars parties happening this year (the main reason I didn’t want to do one) and sorry people but I need at least one of two of our ideas to show up only at fish’s party. I’m allowed to be just a little selfish like that haha but I promise to upload TONS of photos from the big day!

Despite my keeping some of the ideas hush hush I can’t not sure some really cute ideas I’ve pinned, won’t be using all of them but they certainly have loaned a start to the birthday plans… now just to change the cake I ordered and stop knitting monsters haha. Fish has so many cars things it’s actually going to work out cheaper on my budget.

Fish – 1                 Mummy – 0

oooh i think midas sells empty oil canisters

great idea if you actually have these things

will have to get those coke bottles directly from coca-cola i think

such a well designed table

i have an old crate like that! now where can i get b&w lolly's?

looks like soy sauce bottles to me haha


3 thoughts on “the fish VS the cupcakemummy

  1. Look up justkidzpartyhire on fb. She’s not far away from you. She does themed parties including printed cakes with Fishes pic on it.

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