just another day

Hey hey look at that it’s another valentine’s day that’s come around to rub itself in my face. This is the first year ever I’m actually dating someone during this dreaded holiday and as luck would have it he’s in JHB so yay me, another day alone buying my own flowers and watching stupid romance flieks while eating cake pops.

Not sure what annoys me more, the holiday itself or the fact that I have become so accustomed to spending it alone that it almost doesn’t phase me anymore.

Yes I have a gorgeous little man to spend it with and amazing friends but sadly neither my 2 year old nor friendlings aren going to come home with flowers and take me to dinner.

But on the bright side, we all woke up this morning so that’s a positive start. So let’s paste a smile on and get through this day because hey, it’s just another day…


One thought on “just another day

  1. Hello cupcakeummy! Congrats on a nice blog! Finally found a blog I can read AND enjoy! Yay yay! So…keep up the good work & look forward to reading a whole lot more!

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