meeting the sprogs

I met the oh so lovely @momallott last year when I tweeted that I needed a jogging pram and she just happened to have one in her garage that she didn’t use (don’t you just love twitter?!), well when we met she had 3 sprogs running around (well 2 runners and 1 almost walking) and another on the way… a few months later and little BIG baby J is here! All 5 or so kg’s of him!

Mamma Allott is one of those awesome people you instantly feel comfortable around, a home schooling barefoot momma with 3 (now 4) of the most well behaved toddlers you’ve ever met. Maybe I just caught them on a great day but even so, those kids are just GORGEOUS!

Jess (the oldest) was telling me all about the unicorn party she’s going to be having for her 5th birthday (I think mamma A needs an introduction to pinterest haha) and she has the biggest smile ever. Jack (next in line) is as blonde as blonde can be, seriously looks like he’s been dipped in jik! And too full of beans telling me about how he will be having a pirate party (think I opened up a can of worms – sorry!) and was constantly pulling funny faces but I did get this beautiful photo of him and his sister.

K is the littlest of the 3 toddlers and she is going to be a heartbreaker! That red hair and sullen look will get her everything she wants; mama best beware all the boys! Actually, it’s us mama’s with boys who need to beware!

And then there is big baby J – cute as a button (cuter by far actually) and so good! He wasn’t too happy about me trying to position him around for photos as it seemed to interrupt his feeding time. But we got one or two. Thank you little Mr for being so well behaved!

i just love little baby features

And after all of that baby love this morning I can officially say I am NOT broody at all. And I am completely in love with my little boy who is finally at that age where we can tell stories, play cars, climb trees and go for swimming lessons : )


2 thoughts on “meeting the sprogs

  1. Awww!
    Thank-you so much for coming and taking the photos. They’re beautiful!
    You are such a stunning lady! I think you’d better get started on that book :D

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