sepia toned memories in black and white

In the space of a week I have been told by 4 completely different people who have nothing in common (other than that they all breathe and all know me of course) that I need to write a book about my life.

MY life? umm. Really?

I like to think that I’ve lived a pretty interesting life up until now and I know that I’ve grabbed at opportunities as they have presented themselves, I think I’ve also dealt with a little more than the average Joe has but I have to wonder who the hell would actually PAY to read about my life. I feel like I haven’t really done that one specific thing yet that gives the right to write a book, that whole “claim to fame” moment hasn’t happened yet. Make sense?

But these strangers seem to agree, so perhaps I shall add it to my bucket list and one day I’ll have that defining moment when I think to myself NOW I can write a book worth reading. So for now I’ll stick to entertaining you (I hope) with my adventures – parenting and otherwise – foot in mouth moments, erratic thoughts and random sightings of private school mums plucking their chin in the rearview mirror while waiting around in the school parking lot…

Another something, people are starting to think I bake for a living – I don’t. I just have friends who absolutely love testing my baking skills and modeling clay abilities out to the pull my hair out limits. And yes maybe I am too nice and I should just say no, but I love my friends far too much, plus I love putting my skills to the test as it means I am constantly bettering myself. And who knows. Maybe one day I’ll own that bakery/coffee shop in a sleepy little town like I’ve always dreamed I will.

That being said… stay tuned as on Thursday I am going to attempt making a rainbows and unicorns cake for @tash_wen so I’ll post photos and let you know if I succeed or end up in a ball of smashed cake and frustrations hahahaha :P

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